Our Introduction

Ultra Dog Food-New Zealand's Premium Dog Food


It’s no secret that dogs need great quality food for healthy growth. Ultra Dog Food is manufactured in New Zealand by a Family run business in West Auckland. Having worked in the industry for over 10 years, The manufacturers understand the science behind a proper and balanced Dog Food diet.

As a premium Dog food company, we ensure your Dog gets the best natural New Zealand made food. Our Dog Food is manufactured here in New Zealand and delivered to your Doorsteps. With our online store, you can now order your dog food online from any part of the country.

Our food is loved by dogs of all breeds. Try our natural dry dog food and your Dog will always crave for our Ultra Dog food!

Why NZ-Sourced

NZ-sourced raw materials are preferred as there are no GE grains grown here, and the stock from which muscle meat is obtained are grass fed, not GE modified grain fed, or steroid fed, as happens in some other countries. Also, there is no foot and mouth, or mad cow disease in this country.

AAFCO Approved

Massey University, an AAFCO approved testing agency, has confirmed that our products exceed the latest AAFCO specifications.

Get your Dog food delivered at your doorstep!